Salesforce too hot to handle

Salesforce’s relentless, team-oriented attack exhausted Google (I) and their short bench and won handily, 54-27.

With a diverse and plentiful set of weapons that never seem to let up, Salesforce resembles a hydra in their playing style. The hydra’s many heads bore their teeth this week against Google, as they have all season long. Salesforce started the game in a soft press, which allowed basketball maestro Stephen Tee to manipulate the tempo of his hoops orchestra as he saw fit. And what would an orchestra be without marvelous individual players? Silky smooth southpaw Hudson Blake put his entire offensive repertoire on display in this one, scoring from all over the floor and finishing with 23 points for victorious Salesforce.

Google struggled to find a rhythm throughout the game. At times looking lost and out of sorts, they simply couldn’t get in sync. They did not, however, relent at any point. Coming out of halftime they used a well-designed press break to get some easy buckets, but too much damage had been done and they couldn’t climb back out of a deep 24-point hole. Brian Williamson led the comeback effort for Google on the defensive end, chipping in blocks and rebounds throughout the game, but they were ultimately overmatched and will have to live to fight another day.

Player of the Game: Hudson Blake, Salesforce