Google (II) defeats Tesla in a nail biter

Google Coaches Jasmine and Thomas celebrate after their win

In this contest between two rapidly improving teams, Google (II) and Tesla gave the fans a heck of a show. Google (II) came out on top, 29-23.

The teams went back and forth throughout the game, and it was all tied up late into the fourth quarter. Google banded together as a team in the face of adversity as they’ve done every week--no matter the score--and it paid off. Throughout the game, Aaron Madfes was a commanding floor general, directing players to their spots and getting them into position to succeed. His teammates recognize his understanding of the game and put their trust in him to be an extension of their coaches on the floor. With Madfes providing the structure for success, Raymond Wong provided the spark and Carl Reyes provided the sizzle. Wong served as Google’s primary aggressor and set the level of intensity for the team on both ends. Carl Reyes contributed a timely seven points, hitting a big three and two free throws late in the game to send Tesla packing.

Tesla didn’t just roll over and hand Google the victory. They gave it everything they had and, despite the setback of this loss, remain one of the league’s fastest rising contenders. Led in previous weeks by Caleb Russom, Aaron Visaya, and Ron Cooper, a different duo dominated for Tesla this week. Osbaldo Hernandez only scored four points, but took quite a few great shots and could’ve just as easily finished with 14. He also snared nine rebounds. Athanasios Gerokostopoulos was the yang to Hernandez’s yin. Fremont’s "Greek Freak" racked up a double-double to lead the team with 14 points and 11 rebounds. With a growing arsenal, Tesla has a lot to be excited about for the rest of this season even though this one didn’t go their way.

Player of the Game: Raymond Wong, Google (II)