Salesforce's winning streak has come to an end

Oath's Allen Reitter with a strong finish

In a powerhouse matchup, Oath used its size to control the game and outlast a shorthanded Salesforce squad, winning 52-39.

The first quarter was as intense of a quarter as you’ll find on a basketball court. Anywhere. Salesforce’s Stephen Tee and Oath’s Andrew Moeller fearlessly led their teams into the competitive fire of this game as they each have done all season--directing traffic and setting the pace for their respective offenses as two experienced floor generals. As evenly matched as the two point guards were, Oath wasted no time flexing their extra large muscles to intimidate Salesforce.

With four real big men compared to Salesforce’s one, Oath exerted its dominance over the paint. Salesforce tried to neutralize the size advantage with a 2-3 defense, but Adonis Allen hit a few outside shots early, and Greg Palmer dissected the defense from the free throw line and below to get Oath some easy buckets. On the other end of the floor, Salesforce intelligently used their speed and quickness to stay in the game, and Stephen Tee drilled a deep and-one three-pointer to end the first and give Salesforce a 14-11 lead. Throughout the first quarter, Tee and Oath’s Allen Reitter exchanged some less than friendly trash talk. That talk would continue throughout the game, and later played an important role in its outcome.

Feeling the competitive spirit sparked by Stephen Tee, Salesforce pushed the lead to 24-14 deep in the second. That awoke Oath’s temporarily sleeping offensive giant, though, and after some less than stellar defense from Salesforce, Oath narrowed the gap to 24-23 going into halftime and continued their run after the break. Allen Reitter came out guns blazing in the third quarter and lifted his team to victory. After the game he warned the competition, “Don’t awake the sleeping dog.” Oath took a 14 point lead into the fourth quarter, and Salesforce had neither the stamina nor the wherewithal to put up a fight, getting their first taste of defeat. It won’t get any easier for them next week versus Logitech.

Player of the Game: Bryan Skedgell, Oath