Gritty Google II grinds out victory over Sojern

Coach Babbidge breaks it down for Sojern

This game could have gone either way, but Google II edged out Sojern with extreme tenacity and hustle, 38-34.

Google drew first blood via a fast break flurry from Carl Reyes. He’s developed a knack for creating quick transition points that adds an extra layer to Google’s offensive attack, something they’ll need to make a deep playoff run. True to gritty form, though, Sojern came back with several buckets of their own and the first quarter ended 9-7 in Google’s favor.

The second quarter was more of the same. Google used active hands to disrupt the flow of Sojern’s offense, getting into the passing lanes to force turnovers and create easy offense. While Google’s offense came mostly in transition, Sojern was the opposite. They methodically spread the ball around in their halfcourt offense, passing and setting screens to get open looks for their shooters. Phung Tran, Nicki Nardella, and Alex Mortensen helped Sojern to fill it up in the second, but Google took an 18-16 lead into halftime.

Much like a heavyweight fight in which the victor is determined solely by who can take a bigger beating and land more haymakers, neither team made any strategic adjustments at halftime and simply hoped to outlast and exhaust their opponents. There were no trick plays or stunts pulled in this game, just two hardworking, hungry teams at their finest. In such a game, one person often sets the tone for their team’s attitude and elevates everyone’s play. For Google it was two people. Tom “The Worm” Davich was the early spark in the second half, rebounding like his life depended on it and scrapping for points like his life depended on it. He would go on to finish with 12 points and 13 rebounds. The other key player for Google in the second half was Alex Yakubovich. In the words of Coach Thomas, Alex is “the perfect team guy” who makes up for whatever skill he lacks with coachability and an insatiable desire to improve. He earned Player of the Game honors for his incredible effort.

Inspired by Davich and Yakubovich, Google delivered haymaker after haymaker, and by the time Sojern landed a few punches of their own with a minor fourth quarter run, Google was already too far ahead on the scoreboard to be concerned. They held on to win 38-34.