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Spring 2017 -Playoff Madness Week 1

By Austin Ruby, 06/14/17, 5:45AM PDT


Filled with overtime thrillers and blowouts alike, playoff weekend one didn’t disappoint

Coach Bowie Draws Up a Play against Tesla up 28-26

Winners’ Bracket Round One
The fireworks started immediately. Tesla managed to make quick work of in the first round, but Google Black and Logitech/Intercom (L/I) went down to the wire. Down 1 with only seconds to play, Allyson Pemberton drew a foul shooting a 3-pointer as time expired. She rattled home 2/3 to push Google Black through to Round Two.

Winners’ Bracket Round Two
In the second round of Saturday games, Google Black couldn’t use the momentum of their last second Round One victory to take on Google White and fell short to their company rivals. What they hoped would be a revenge game after a tough overtime loss in their last game with Yahoo, Tesla came out swinging and grabbed an early lead. Yahoo’s halfcourt trap and size eventually caught up with Tesla, though, and they took a tough loss.

Round Two of the Winners’ Bracket put Yahoo and Google White on in a rubber match after splitting their season series 1-1. It also sent Tesla to the Losers’ Bracket--they’ve struggled this season to keep up with Yahoo and Google White. For Google Black, MLB, and L/I, the Loser’s Bracket offered new life--a chance to pick up momentum or potentially upset one of the top three teams that have dominated the season.

Losers’ Bracket Round One
Google Black’s star may have shone too bright too early. After their glorious last minute win against MLB and the tough loss to Google White, they didn’t have enough players to field a roster for Round One of the Losers’ Bracket and had to forfeit and let MLB slide through to Round Two.

Most expected a lopsided Tesla victory against L/I, but WFA’s first dual-company team scrappily fielded a rag-tag roster of players to give Tesla a lot more than they bargained for. After exchanging leads all game, L/I had a two point lead with 7 seconds left and the ball. As L/I tried to inbound the ball, Michael Thomas battled for a steal and took it coast-to-coast for an acrobatic, game-tying layup to send the game to overtime. Tesla never looked back and held on for the victory, 43-.39

Losers’ Bracket Round Two
Round Two of the Losers’ Bracket was a rematch of Winners’ Bracket Round One: Tesla versus the fresh legs of MLB. Legs be damned though, as Tesla weathered MLB’s spirited flurry of metaphorical jabs and crosses to coast to a 20+ point victory.

Winners’ Bracket Round Three
There was tremendous hype surrounding this Google White-Yahoo game. Google won their first regular season matchup, Yahoo won the second game, and Google ended up the top seed in the playoffs. Emotions ran high leading up to the game, and the teams left it all on the floor. As Yahoo’s done all season, they sicked the halfcourt trap on Google early and jumped out to an early lead. Although the score wasn’t all that close, Google played hard. After a few tough fouls, some trash talk between Yahoo’s Adonis Allen and Google’s Orlando Perez nearly turned into more than just talk. This exchange surprised no one, as Allen is the league’s leading scorer and most intense player, while the outspoken Perez enjoys stirring the pot. It also goes to show how badly these teams want to win. The $500 championship prize is no joke. Yahoo prevailed, 50-35.

Semifinals and Finals Preview
After the dust settled, Yahoo had fought its way into the finals and set Google White and Tesla on a collision course with each other in the Losers’ Bracket finals. Google bested Tesla twice in the regular season: once in a last-second heartbreaker and again in a double-digit victory. Both teams’ talent, attitudes, and swagger have this matchup looking like a box of fireworks sitting in a pool of gasoline. It’s going to be a hard-fought, emotional game, and the winner’s reward will be facing a well-rested Yahoo team that hasn’t lost a game in quite awhile. There’s enough glory (and cash) on the line to raise even the coolest customer’s heart rate. It’ll all unfold at Ultimate Fieldhouse this Sunday, June 18 starting at 5:30pm.