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Meet TheWFA Team

Sheena Lister


Height: 5'2"
Home Town: Calgary, Canada
College: Northern Arizona University and Concordia University, BA; University of San Francisco, MA
Athletic Career: DI  Tennis, Volleyball,  Crossfit, Flag Football
Professional Career: 10+ Years Experience in Sport Management Leader

Sarah Lowe

VP Customer growth

Height: 5'7"
Home Town: Wynnewood, Pennsylvania
College: University of Florida, BS; University of Oxford, MA
Athletic Career: D1 Basketball, Flag Football
Professional Career: 10+ Years Experience in Business Growth & Development

Richard Longrus Jr.

League Manager

Height: 6'7"
Home Town: Hayward, CA
College: Washington State University BA; WSU, MA
Athletic Career Experience: D1 Basketball

Phil Balderamos

business development officer

Height: 6'1"
Home Town: Colchester, England
College: University of Surrey, BSC; London School of Business & Finance, MBA; Cornell University, MA
Athletic Career: National Volleyball Junior, Tennis and Soccer
Professional Career: 15+ Years Experience in Business Management & Development

Allie Weiner


Height: 5'2"
Home Town: Manteca, California
College: Saint Mary's College, BS; Washington State University, MBA
Athletic Career: D1 Soccer, Flag Football, Tennis
Professional Career: 10+ Years Experience in Business Operations

Francis Lopez


Height: 5’6”
College: Saint Mary's College
Professional Career: 10+ Years Experience in Sports Managment

Meet TheWFA Coaches

Leslie Glore


Playing Experience: D2 Volleyball
Coaching Experience:  10+ Years Coaching
Coaching Philosophy: To create an environment where everyone is working together, has the mental aspect of the game, and a goal to be competitive.

Bret Rodriguez


Playing Experience: Club  Volleyball
Coaching Experience:  5+ Years Coaching
Coaching Philosophy: "Don't fire your opponents up. If they're down, don't tick them off. Let them stay down."

Kevin White-Evans


Playing Experience: D2 Basketball
Coaching Experience:  8+ Years Coaching Basketball
Coaching Philosophy: "Play hard and it will all even out!"

Adrian Otis


Playing Experience: D1, Semi-Professional Basketball
Coaching Experience:  20+ Years Coaching Basketball
Coaching Philosophy: "Hard works beats talent when talent fails to work hard!"

Joe Ajaya


Playing Experience: D2 Soccer
Coaching Experience:  20+ Years Coaching Soccer
Coaching Philosophy: "The ball is round, the game lasts ninety minutes, and everything else is just theory."

AJ Rana


Playing Experience: D1 Soccer
Coaching Experience:  5+ Years Coaching Soccer
Coaching Philosophy: "It’s not the will to win, but the will to prepare to win that makes the difference."

Josh Babbidge


Playing Experience: Club Basketball
Coaching Experience:  10+ Years Coaching Basketball
Coaching Philosophy: "Share the sugar and feed the oven. When all players on the court are touching the ball everybody gets comfortable and plays more relaxed."

Jamal Mpenda


Playing Experience: Club Basketball, Club Volleyball
Coaching Experience:  18+ Years Coaching Basketball
Coaching Philosophy: Teach the game mentally so it can be performed physically.

Yannick Atanga


Playing Experience: D1 Basketball
Coaching Experience:  5+ Years Coaching Basketball
Coaching Philosophy: "Hard work beats talent every time; talent doesn’t work hard!"

Joshua Crum


Playing Experience: D2 Basketball
Coaching Experience:  9+ Years Coaching Basketball
Coaching Philosophy: "The best way to learn is by making mistakes. You cannot get better without messing up; messing up means you're facing a challenge.  Let's break comfort zones, make mistakes, and learn from our experiences."

Gary Plummer


Playing Experience: Professional Basketball
Coaching Experience:  15+ Years Coaching Basketball
Coaching Philosophy: "I'm tough, but I'm fair!"

Gary Lee


Playing Experience: D1 Soccer, Professional Soccer
Coaching Experience:  10+ Years Coaching Soccer
Coaching Philosophy: "Have fun, learn something new, and play as a team!"