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WFA Team

Sheena Lister


Height/Weight: 5"2 - Small but mighty
Born: 2/13/1985 Calgary, Canada
College: Northern Arizona University, Concordia University (BA), University of San Francisco (MA)
Athletic Career: Division I  Tennis, High School Volleyball,  Crossfit, Flag Football – Iron Tails
Professional Career: 10+ Years Sport Mgmt Leader

As WFA's founder and CEO, Sheena is passionate about redefining  corporate sports by delivering amazing, unforgettable team sports experiences to companies and their Employee-Athletes.  

Phil Balderamos

business development officer

Height/Weight: 6'1 - Trying to get mightier
Born: 6/2/1980 Colchester, England
College: MBA; London School of Business & Finance, BSC Sports Science; University of Surrey & Executive Leadership: Cornell University
Athletic Career: National volleyball junior, club tennis and soccer.
Professional Career: 15+ years experience in business management & development at Sportech, Unilever & Mars.

Phil is passionate about the transformative capabilities of sport for all ages, and looks forward to introducing the WFA platform to companies across the USA (and one day, England:) 

WFA Coaches

Jordan "Jordie" Hadfield

Volleyball coach

Playing Experience: High School and Club Volleyball and Swimming
Coaching Experience:  Club Volleyball in both New Mexico and the Bay Area, Director of Operations for the University of New Mexico Women's Volleyball team
Day Job: EA at private equity firm in downtown SF
Coaching Philosophy: "Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do."- John Wooden
All Time Favorite Player: Ogonna Nnamani
Fun Fact: Jordie loves to travel and has visited Thailand, China, Germany, Italy, England, Greece, British Virgin Islands, and Croatia.

Leslie Glore

Volleyball coach

Playing Experience: Shorter College in Rome, GA
Coaching Experience:  High School and Club in the Bay Area
Day Job: Personal Trainer
Coaching Philosophy: To create an environment where everyone is working together, has the mental aspect of the game, and a goal to be competitive.
All Time Favorite Player: Misty May
Fun Fact: Leslie writes left handed but play sports right handed.

Richard Longrus Jr.

Basketball coach

Playing Experience: High School, Top Ranked AAU Team in the Nation, Washington State University
Coaching Experience:  WSU Men's Basketball Graduate Assistant, Triple Threat Academy, WSU Cougar Camp/Elite Camp 
Day Job: Private Skills Trainer, Youth Basketball Coach @ Triple Threat Academy
Coaching Philosophy: Big things don't happen without the little things. 
All Time Favorite Player: Allen Iverson
Fun Fact: They say you have to crawl before you walk, but Richard never crawled as a baby. He went straight to walking.

Haley Howell

Volleyball coach/league coordinator

Playing Experience: Division I NCAA Volleyball at Seina College, Division I NCAA Beach Volleyball at USF
Coaching Experience:  University of Arizona Volleyball Camps
Day Job: Graduate Student at USF
Coaching Philosophy: Inspire and help athletes to be the best they can be on and off the court.
All Time Favorite Player: LeBron James
Fun Fact: Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius is one of Haley's favorite movies.

Jamal Mpenda

basketball/Volleyball coach

Playing Experience: High School Varsity Basketball, Volleyball, and Cross Country
Coaching Experience:  Both girls and boys basketball and volleyball at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.
Day Jobs: Special Education Teacher at a school for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), JV Volleyball Coach at Willow Glen HS
Coaching Philosophy: Teach the game mentally so it can be performed physically.
All Time Favorite Player: Gary Payton
Fun Fact: Jamal's fun fact is that he has no fun facts...yet!

Glen Dandridge Jr.

social media/Basketball coach

Playing Experience: Division I NCAA at University of Missouri, professionally in Belgium, Morocco, Spain, New Zealand, Romania, Macedonia, and Germany
Coaching Experience:  High School Head and Player Development 
Coaching Philosophy: "Your attitude determines your altitude. We will out-think our opponents." 
All Time Favorite Player: Michael Jordan
Fun Fact: Glen is 85% vegan.


Karen Borsetti

WFA Advisor 

Height/Weight: 5’7”, mom of 2 girls weighing in at 29 lbs & 23 lbs, respectively
Born: 8/17/1979
College: University of Massachusetts, Amherst (BA)
Athletic Career: 3 sport high school athlete (Basketball, Soccer, Softball), 3 x Half Ironman Triathlon Finisher (2010, 2012, 2014)
Professional Career: 10+ years w/ Deloitte doing the consulting/compliance thing.  5 years w/ LinkedIn helping to connect customers and people with talent and opportunity.

 is passionate about the positive benefits of being physically active and the power of connecting with coworkers and making new relationships through sport.

Justin Alanis

WFA Advisor