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At WFA, our goal is to provide amazing athletic experiences fueled by company spirit.  We do this by ensuring a safe, structured sports environment that promotes teamwork, healthy competition, and inclusion.

Please refer to our four core values below and join us as together, we redefine company sports.

1. Embracing Diversity
WFA is committed to being an inclusive professional environment where all participants can learn, grow, and have fun.

2. Healthy Competition
Whether you are a beginner or advanced player, WFA has a place for you. We promote healthy competition based on skill and experience, not age or gender.

3. Safety and Sportspersonship
The safety of our Employee-Athletes is a top priority for us at WFA. We want everyone to feel comfortable playing and encourage all our Employee-Athletes to respect their teammates, officials, opponents, and the rules of the game.

4. Spirit
We are passionate about the power of sports at all levels and how it can apply to the workplace. We believe spirit fuels everything we do, and why should your company sports experience be any different?



What is Workforce Athletics (WFA)?

WFA is the corporate sports community – we connect companies through sports! We turn employees into teammates and companies into sports franchises. WFA provides professional and “authentic” team sport experiences for “Employee-Athletes” and takes care of everything from hiring coaches, setting up practice and game facilities, to organizing inter-company league games. WFA’s mission is to create a healthy, fun and positive corporate community through sports.
Whether you are a once-upon-a-time college athlete, or an aspiring athlete who has never played sports before, WFA has an experience for you and your company; seasonal sports leagues, sports clinics, internal company corporate sports and wellness offerings. 

What are key WFA terms?

  • Team Name: The specific company team you play on (ie. Kaiser White)
  • Conference: The primary league location where your games take place (ie. SF, South Bay, East Bay)
  • Region: The WFA region you are competing in (ie. SF Bay Area)
  • Division: The specific league your team will be playing in based on your team’s experience and skill level (ie. Div I + Div II)
  • Employee – Athlete: From student athletes to employee – athletes!!! (we skip the professional athlete bitJ
  • Team Captain – Employee-Athlete on your team who is the liaison between WFA and your team
  • WFA - Company Ambassador – The person at your company responsible for making WFA happen! This could be your HR director, CEO or you!
  • Athlete Advisor – Group of WFA employee-athletes who are selected by WFA to help WFA grow and be the best it can be
  • WFA Coach – An amazing individual who is going to inspire, motivate and coach you and your team

What is the WFA basketball league?

For the past two years we have been growing our basketball leagues in the Bay Area and are proud to be offering our co-ed basketball leagues across 3 locations to our amazing partner companies and employee-athletes. We are expecting over 50 teams for the Fall 2018 season playing across two divisions.

How do I know what division I will be in?

  • Rosters are formed based on employee-athlete’s playing experience, skill level and division preference. WFA will do its best to place teams in divisions that best meets the level of the team as a whole. At WFA’s discretion, they may change your game schedule or assigned team during the season to create a more balanced schedule.

*Division I:  You play to win the game.  Majority of Employee-Athletes are advanced players whose experience includes High School and/or College.  Competitive, high basketball IQ, employee-athletes play frequently.

*Division II:  You play to compete AND have fun.  Majority of Employee-Athletes are beginner to intermediate players who are looking to learn and/or develop their skills.  You may not know the game inside and out, however you are eager to try.

*Division I and II operate under the same WFA Rules with the exception of substitution policies surrounding “balanced playing time.”  See WFA Rules and Regulations for more information on our substitution policies for Division I and II.

What are the dates of the WFA basketball leagues?

  • Fall 2018: September 9 - November 18
  • Spring 2019: April - June 2019

How are teams formed?

Teams are formed at the company level. Once a company decides they want to move forward with a WFA team or program, the company assigns an employee-athlete (someone who will be playing on the team) as the WFA ambassador and liaison.

How do teams and employee-athletes register?

Once a company has confirmed participation, WFA will send the company ambassador a unique registration link to circulate to all employee-athletes. All employee-athletes participating in the league must complete registration.

Where are games played?

  • We have great partnerships with outstanding facilities in the Bay Area and run leagues in San Francisco, Walnut Creek and Atherton.

San Francisco Leagues: Gateway High School (1430 Scott Street, San Francisco)
**** Enter on Geary Blvd. There is a gate beside the big wall with murals

Parking: There is plenty of street parking available

East Bay Leagues:  Ultimate Fieldhouse (2675 Mitchell Drive, Walnut Creek)
Parking: There is a large free parking lot  (feel free to park in the faculty lot as this is closest to the gym).

South Bay Leagues: Menlo College (1000 El Camino Real, Atherton, CA)
Parking: There is a large free parking lot

When are games played?

  • East Bay: Games are played between 6-10pm on Sundays and Wednesdays.
  • South Bay: Games are played between 12-7pm on Sundays.
  • San Francisco: Games are played between 7-10pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and/or Thursdays.

    SF Division I Games: Mondays and some Thursdays (based on numbers of teams)
    SF Division II Games: Tuesdays and some Thursdays (based on number of teams)

What is the league format?

5 v 5 co-ed. Please refer to "The WFA Way" above to learn more about why or refer to the League Rules and Regulations below.

How much playing time will we get?

This depends on the Division you are playing in.  For Division II play, to promote balanced playing time, each player is encouraged to play at least one quarter per half per game unless they are injured or do not want to play.  For Division I play, each player in attendance is required to play at least one quarter per game.  Please refer to the League Rules and Regulations below for additional information regarding our Substitution Policies.

Can we have a co-ed team?

Yes! WFA creates rosters and divisions based on playing experience and skill level, not gender. We encourage all genders to participate in the division that best suits their experience.
WFA extends professional expectations from the workplace into their organized sports leagues. As such, all WFA leagues and experiences are co-ed, and we ensure the opportunity for the inclusion of all persons regardless of identity, and we affirm non-biased participation. Company employee-athletes are encouraged to focus on personal growth, teamwork, and the spirit of sports participation. 
We have a zero-tolerance policy for those who are not able to uphold these expectations. 

How do playoffs work?

All teams will compete in a single-elimination playoff bracket which is seeded based on overall season record (if teams have same record, tiebreaker will be head-to-head match-up and if necessary, point differential).  See League Rules and Regulations below for more information.

Must all players on my roster be employees at the same company?

Yes! This is what sets WFA apart from other leagues. We 100% focus on companies and their Employee-Athletes.  We want you to represent and play for your company! For more information, please review the WFA roster and substitution policies below.

Who provides game balls and equipment?

WFA provides everything. All you have to do is show up.

Why do teams need a coach?

  • Why not? You had them when you were kids all the way through college right? Why stop now? The WFA leagues include coaches for every team. Our current WFA Employee-Athletes LOVE having a coach. There’s no team drama, no politics, just straight up ball! Coaches set each employee-athlete and team up for success. Coaches will call timeouts, manage subs, and set up plays.
    Some of our coaches have lots of playing and/or coaching experience, some have less. We believe in the I-R-M coach. A Coach who will Inspire you, Relate to you, and Motivate you!
    We believe our coaches will be their best if they are able to connect with as many athletes as possible. That said WFA coaches coach multiple teams during a season. Each team will have a dedicated coach but there may be times when you play a team that has your same coach. If this happens WFA will determine best course of action (ie. One team will have another WFA coach).

Check out our current roster of amazing WFA coaches here.  

We have a practice?

Of course! We want you to feel comfortable playing with each other before jumping into a game.  This is also a great opportunity for your coach to get to know you and your team.  Teams will have a one hour practice prior to their first game.

Do games have referees?

Yes, all games will have two official WFA referees.

What will our uniforms look like?

We are thrilled to share that Champion is now the Official Apparel and Uniform Partner of WFA.  Together we will be providing high-quality reversible jerseys complete with numbers and your company logo.  Designated "home" teams will wear WHITE and "visiting" teams will wear BLACK.

How many players can be on my team?

The minimum is 8, maximum is 12. 

When will I know my game schedule?

The official game schedule will be published a week before the league start date. 

Can players play on multiple teams?

Yes, players can play on multiple teams, however they must pay each separate registration fee and the teams must compete in different divisions. Employee-Athletes are only allowed to be on more than one team roster at the discretion and approval of WFA Management.

Where do we find the game schedule and league information?

Every team will have a team page on WFA’s website and league app, which is powered by SportsEngine. You will be able to review standings, schedules and rosters. You will be able to chat with your coaches and teams! You can visit our website at:

You can download the SportsEngine app from the app or android store directly.

You will also be able to RSVP for games. It is very important you RSVP for games so the coaches can play accordingly.

Who should I contact if I have questions?

League rules

& regulations



"You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else"  -Albert Einstein