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What is Workforce Athletics (WFA)?

WFA is the NCAA for Companies.  We strengthen company culture by investing in the lifelong success of Employee-athletes.

WFA produces transformative, authentic sports league experiences  and takes care of everything from hiring coaches, setting up practice and game facilities, to organizing inter-company league games.

Whether you are a once-upon-a-time college athlete or an aspiring athlete who has never played sports before, WFA has an experience for you and your company; seasonal sports leagues, sports clinics, and internal company corporate sports and wellness offerings.

Why do teams need a coach?

You had them when you were kids all the way through college right? Why stop now? The WFA leagues include coaches for every team. Our current WFA Employee-Athletes LOVE having a coach. There’s no team drama, no politics, just show up and play! Coaches set each Employee-Athlete and team up for success. Coaches will call timeouts, manage subs, and set up plays.  We believe in the I-R-M coach. A Coach who will Inspire you, Relate to you, and Motivate you!

We believe our coaches will be their best if they are able to connect with as many Employee-Athletes as possible.  Coaches are assigned to a division and league location rather than to specific teams.  This means your team will get the chance to work with two different coaches throughout the season.

What are the key WFA terms?

Team Name: The specific company team you play on (i.e. KP 2, JMH 4, LinkedIn 3)

Division: The specific league your team will be playing in based on your team's experience and skill level (i.e. Division I & Division II)

Employee-Athlete (EA): From student-athletes to Employee-Athletes!!! (we skip the professional athlete bit)

Team Captain: Employee-Athlete on your team who is the liaison between WFA and your team.

WFA - Company Ambassador: The person at your company responsible for making WFA happen!  This could be your HR Director, CEO, or you!

WFA Coach: An amazing individual who is going to inspire, motivate, and coach you and your team.

Must all players on a roster be employees from the same company?

Yes! This is what sets WFA apart from other leagues. We 100% focus on companies and their Employee-Athletes. We want you to represent and play for your company! Please review the roster and sub policies in the WFA rules.

What is the cutoff date for new players to be added to the roster?

Rosters are frozen after week 2.  Adding players after this date will be at the discretion and approval of WFA Management.

In the event of an injury, can a team add another player to refill their roster?

This depends on how many players are on the team roster.  If a player gets injured during the season and cannot continue playing, the Team Captain should notify WFA Management.  WFA Management will deal with these scenarios on a case by case basis. 

How do players know which division they will play in?

Rosters are formed based on Employee-Athlete’s playing experience, skill level and division preference. WFA will do its best to place teams in divisions that best meets the level of the team as a whole. At WFA’s discretion, they may change your game schedule or assigned team during the season to create a more balanced schedule.

*Division I: "Competitive-performance"

*Division II: "Competitive-recreational,"

*Division I and II operate under the same WFA Rules with the exception of substitution policies surrounding "balanced playing time."  See WFA Rules and Regulations for more information.

How are teams formed?

Teams are formed at the company level. Once a company decides they want to move forward with a WFA team or program, the company assigns an Employee-Athlete (someone who will be playing on the team) as the WFA ambassador and liaison.

When will game schedules be available?

The official game schedule will be published at least one week before each league start date.

Do games have referees?

Yes, all games will have one official WFA referee/scorekeeper.

Do teams have practices?

Of course! We want you to feel comfortable playing with each other before jumping into a game.  This is also a great opportunity for your coaches to get to know you and your team.  Teams will have practice prior to their first game.

How do playoffs work?

After the regular season, every team will be eligible to participate in the Playoffs.  Final Playoff structure will be determined during the course of the season based on amount of teams in each Division.  Teams will be seeded based on regular season record and tiebreakers will be head-to-head matchups and/or scoring differential. 

*Note: Length of matches are subject to change to accommodate number of teams in playoffs.